Kdec sports Camp

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August 24th to August 26th

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بيت الوادي

Join us for an exciting and action sports camp at Beit El Wadi! This camp is designed to provide participants with a fun experience, where they can enhance their skills, engage in friendly competition, and make lasting memories. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of an unforgettable sports adventure

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Kdec Sports Camp

August 24th

500 EGP

سعر الكامب 1200

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Camp Rules and Regulations

  1. Respect camp staff, instructors, and fellow participants
  2. Follow instructions from camp staff and instructors
  3. Arrive on time and be prepared for activities
  4. Wear appropriate sports attire and footwear
  5. Stay within designated camp areas
  6. Maintain a positive attitude and good sportsmanship
  7. No bullying, harassment, or disruptive behavior
  8. in our courts (Sleeveless shirts & hot shorts are not allowed)
  9. No cars are allowed, buses Onlv
  10. We will try as much as possible to keep you with at least 1 of your friends (No change of teams will happen once the teams are announced)
  11. No smoking or electric cigarettes
  12. Take responsibility for personal belongings
  13. Violation may result in dismissal without refund
  14. You have to be fully committed to be in the camp from Thursday 24th of Aug from 7 am till Saturday 26th of May 8 PM  

Refund Policy 

  1. full refund (before 25 july)
  2. 50% (5 August)
  3.  no refund

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